Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Viennese Classicism, who is widely considered as the original founder of the classical symphony and the string quartet. With more than 1000 compositions, Haydn also made a significant contribution to the development of the sonata form.

Most significant works (Selection):

Hob. I: 45 Symphony – „Der Abschied“ (“Farewell“)
Hob. I: 94 Symphony – „Sinfonie mit dem Paukenschlag“ (“Surprise“)
Hob. I: 101 Symphony – „Die Uhr“ (“The Clock”)

Hob. III: 37 String Quartets – „Russische Quartette“ (“The Russian Quartets“)
Hob. III: 77 String Quartets – „Kaiserquartett“ (“Emperor's Hymn“)
Hob. III: 78 String Quartets – „Sonnenaufgangsquartett“ (“Sunrise“)
Hob. XXI: 2 Oratorium – „Die Schöpfung“ (“The Creation“)
Hob. XXI: 3 Oratorium – „Die Jahreszeiten“ (“The Seasons“)