Maltese Church Vienna

The Maltese Church (Malteserkirche) is a building constructed in Gothic style, and is located at Kärntner Strasse in the centre of Vienna. Since the mid-20th century, the historical monument is dedicated to Baptist John. After several changes of ownership, the church is now owned by the Order of Malta.

History of Maltese Church

The present church monument was built in the 15th century. Earlier, Duke Leopold VI had appointed members of the Order of St. John (from which the Maltese Order emerged later) to Vienna, in order to accelerate the nursing, pastoral care and the care of the poor.

After the First World War, the Order of Malta was forced to sell the church due to the high costs that were incurred for the operation of hospitals and surgical outpatient clinics during the war. However, in 1960 vicar Dr. Johannes Graf Trapp succeeded to repurchase the church for the Order of Malta.

Events in a unique atmosphere

Especially the numerous, still preserved reliefs, the impressive Baroque organ and the 40 coats of arms can be mentioned as special attractions inside the monument. In addition to the numerous religious services the building is also a venue for many concerts or recitals. The stylish ambience and the good acoustics provide an unforgettable experience for the events held here.