Musikverein Vienna

The Musikverein is one of the oldest concert halls in Vienna and is in particular famous for the excellent acoustics of its Great Golden Hall. In addition, also the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic, which enjoys great popularity around the world, annually takes place here.

History of the Musikverein – The construction in the style of a "Greek Renaissance"

Over 200 years ago- in 1812- the "Society of Friends of Music in Vienna" was founded by Joseph Sonnleithner. Starting in 1831, the first concerts of the society took place in a small, only 700-seater auditorium. As these concerts were always sold out immediately, soon the need for a new, larger venue became obvious.

In 1863 Emperor Franz Joseph I finally agreed to the construction of a new concert hall by leaving the society the area opposite to the Church of St. Charles. Influenced by his previous stay in Athens, the commissioned architect Theophil von Hansen included elements of the ancient Greek architecture in his plans, describing these adaptations as "Greek Renaissance". The Greek influence expressed itself in particular in the caryatids in the Great Hall, the Ionic columns and the temple roof in the smaller Brahms Hall.

Brilliant acoustics lead to worldwide fame

Shortly after its opening in January 1870, the magnificent acoustics of the Golden Hall was praised by all sides. Quickly the news about the unique sound spread worldwide, which lead to an unbroken rush of visitors down to the present day. Without doubt, the Great Hall is one of the most beautiful and acoustically best halls in the world.