Orangery at Schönbrunn Palace

The Orangery is the oldest of the four plant houses on the castle grounds of Schönbrunn Palace.

History of the Orangery Schönbrunn

At Franz I. Stephan’s instigation, the orangery building was constructed by Nicola Pacassi around the year 1745. The south-facing facade is decorated with alternating smaller and larger round arches with pilasters decorated with masks. The inside spaces are marked by sectionalized flat vaults and a floor heating system ensured an adequate room temperature. However, the Orangery was much more than simply a winter home for citrus trees and potted plants, as it also served as a blooming winter garden for the royals’ festivities. Joseph II thoroughly enjoyed parties with festive table decorations inside the Orangery, which was full of illuminated citrus trees and flowers.

The back portion of the Orangery building is still being used in its original function to this day. In the front part, which has been renovated, many concerts and other cultural events take place today.

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