St. Peter's Church Vienna

St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche) is a church with a long and eventful history situated in the centre of Vienna. The baroque jewel in the Old Town is located on St. Peter's Square next to the famous Viennese “Graben”.

History of St. Peter’s Church

In the place of the present St. Peter's Church once barracks of the Roman camp Vindobona could be found, which were rebuilt in the 4th century to the first Peter’s Church. Thus it is regarded as the oldest church in Vienna today. From its original building no remains have been maintained though, as the church was extensively rebuilt in Gothic style during the Middle Ages. However, from the late Gothic chapel Valentin (1510) in today's crypt parts have been preserved.

New construction at the Emperor’s initiative

At the initiative of Emperor Leopold I the already pretty much ruined church was finally demolished in 1701 together with the surrounding cemetery. The new Baroque St. Peter's Church was built according to plans by Gabriele Montani and the famous Austrian architect Lucas von Hildebrandt.

In the meantime, the building was restored several times and is today regarded as one of the most beautiful baroque churches and cultural monuments in Austria. The oldest parts of the building can be admired in the crypt below the church.