Volksoper Vienna

The Volksoper is the second-largest opera house in Vienna after the State Opera and offers its viewers performances of the most important operas, operettas, musicals and ballets since 1898. Originally founded under the name "Kaiser's Jubilee City Theatre", the stage established itself during the 20th century as one of the most important cultural institutions in the capital of Austria.

History of the Volksoper – The stony path to become an established cultural institution

The Volksoper Vienna looks back on an eventful history. Due to inflation-induced financial problems, the opera house already faced the second bankruptcy in 1928, before the building was re-opened a year later named “Neues Wiener Schauspielhaus".

After the Second World War, the Volksoper served as temporary quarters for the ruined State Opera. Not before the re-opening of the State Opera in 1955, the Volksoper became an independent cultural institution again and since then established itself as one of the world’s leading opera houses. Between September and June nearly 300 performances of about 35 different productions form the program of the opera house, which offers space for approximately 1300 visitors. Since September 2007, Robert Meyer has been working as director of the Volksoper.

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